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Encryption at Rest in Dgraph and Badger

We built “Encryption at Rest” in Badger v2. Encryption is complex, but important. With this blog post, we not only want to introduce this feature to our users, but also dive into the details of how we implemented encryption in Badger, so the reader can gain enough understanding about introducing AES encryption in their own systems.

Releasing BadgerDB v2.0

Dgraph is an open-source, transactional, distributed, native Graph database. Dgraph is optimized for high-performance reads and writes. It can serve queries and mutations with low latency and high throughput, even when they involve deep joins and traversals.

Releasing BadgerDB v1.6.0

It’s been almost a years since BadgerDB v1.5.0 was released. While both the project and the community surrounding it have changed a lot, not many new releases have seen the light of the day. Happily, this changes today, as we release BadgerDB v1.6.0 and announce our plans for BadgerDB v2 coming out next week!